Daughter of Tibet

Daughter of Tibet

Artist Chime Arkhang

Welcome to the site for my new CD album. My name is Chime Arkhang. I was born in a village called Katsel, near Lhasa in Tibet. Since 20 years I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I am a Tibetan artist and I write my own lyrics and songs. The songs in the CD are all Tibetan. It is a mix of traditional and modern songs. I have performed on different occasions in Scandinavia representing the Tibetan culture. Since I was a little girl, my biggest passion is singing. I got my inspiration from my beloved grandfather who loved singing Tibetan opera, Namthar. My vision and mission in life is to preserve the rich Tibetan culture in a modern society. I dedicate this album to my beloved parents. I deeply thank my family and friends for their constant support, patience and love.

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